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RRE's fonts represents dynamism and willingness to change for progress. Black represents transparency and gold represents premium quality delivered. Acceptance of the job is symbolised by the design of the logo as a badge. 'RRE' is the company that undertakes it. This process will be carried out Reliably, Resourcefully and with Experience, it will be close to perfection. Perfection is signified by the two circles. This also means that products will be examined at least twice before delivery.The secret to RRE ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. success is our commitment to designing and developing innovative solutions for our quality products and services, while providing the highest level of customer service.

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I take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, whose continued patronage and confidence in our products inspires us to extend the best of services and enables us the provide value for their money.Being dedicated of providing quality products and services to our customers throughout Malaysia, we are focused at addressing the needs of our customers in line with our best, while maintaining continuous interaction with them to assess their emerging requirement, so as to be ready when the needs arise

Our History

This company was established and in February 1995 as RRE ENGINEERING by RENE R. ESPECKERMAN who opted from JABATAN KERJA RAYA (JKR) in 1994 after 28 years service as a Technician in the Construction of Schools in Jerantut and Raub districts in Pahang. At that time, the company housed its four employees, equipments and inventories in a 1,700 sq.ft double-storey shop house.

Six years after its establishment and to accommodate its expanding operations, the company relocated to bigger premises with proper manufacturing equipment facilities. In 2001, major renovations took place to accommodate fast growth and the increase of employees.

In 2002, the company's name was changed to RRE ENGINEERING SDN.BHD. to reflect its national image. By then, RRE ENGINEERING SDN.BHD was well recognised nationwide for achieving outstanding performance.

Despite rising levels of competition over the years, the company has continued to undergo rapid expansion. RRE ENGINEERING SDN.BHD expeditious growth is undoubtedly attributable to its commitment in satisfying government departmental and customers' needs through a wide range of innovative and quality products. RRE's wide product range and high technological specialist knowledge have helped it gain a reputation as a total solutions provider.

In 2009, new partnership EDWARD EVARISTO ESP. and JEFF TAN K. HUAT joined in the company and continue its expansion to a 12,000sq.ft factory. Fast forward to year 2017 the company had expanded to a workspace of 20,000sq.ft.

RRE ENGINEERING SDN.BHD. superior understanding of its market environment has enabled it to deliver superior quality, value and service. This understanding is the foundation that allows RRE ENGINEERING SDN.BHD to maintain high government and customer loyalty and sustain its outstanding record of achievements.

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